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Hemp Insulation Thermo Hemp Premium

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– Best thermal insulation through low thermal conductivity
– Best heat protection in the summer through high heat storage capacity
– Good sound insulation properties
– Simple processing with the THERMO NATUR insulating knife or popular electric cutting tools with opposed serrated knives
– Suitable for DIY
– Humidity regulating due to its high moisture absorption capacity
– No nutrient base for rodents and insects
Fields of application:
– Insulation between the rafters
– Insulation on the rafters and between supporting rafters
– Insulation under the rafters
– Insulation of wooden joists in ceilings
– Insulation of the internal and external walls in timer frame, and post and beam constructions
– Insulation of metal studded constructions or partitions
– Internal dry-lining insulation in the refurbishment of masonry / solid constructions
– Exterior insulation behind cladding

Components: 85 – 90 % hemp fibres, 8 – 10 % bi-component fibres PE-based, 2 – 5 % soda as fire proofing
Metered Value of thermal conductivity λ 10, dry: 0.0396 W/(m•K) category II
Nominal thermal conductivity λD (23,50): 0.04 W/(m•K) category II
Fire behaviour: B2, class E
Standard dimensions: 1200 x 625 mm, 1200 x 580 mm (wooden construction measure), 2400 x 1000 mm

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100mm, 50 mm