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iNTO Interior Paint Semi Matt

Water-soluble, covering oil paint for interiors. Odourless and latex-free.

iNTO is safe, eco-friendly and easy to use. It does not contain any plastic agents.

iNTO is suitable for unpainted or previously painted interior wood, board and stone surfaces, e.g. ceilings and walls. Suitable for kitchens, vestibules, bathrooms (except for the area right behind the faucet). Not recommended for doors, windows or furniture.

iNTO can be tinted to lots of different colour shades to A- and C-tinting bases.

Into Interior Paint. Latex-free, fast drying, breathable and odourless water-borne paint can be used for unpainted or previously painted various interior wood and stone surfaces, such as walls and roofs in dry place. iNTO is safe, eco-friendly and easy to use. The reason iNTO is ecological are the renewable natural oils that work as the binder.  Can be used on building paper and on brick surfaces. iNTO interior paint is an excellent alternative for chalk paint since it is quick to use and easy to re-paint.

White and tints made to A- and C-bases according to Uula colour charts. Can also be tinted according to most common colour charts. This means that there are thousands of colour options.  Please notify that there may be differences in shades due to the gloss level of the paint and paint type as well as differences in tinting pastes, in tinting machines and in tinting. Choose to colour in the same lighting and space where the painting will be done.

We recommend using paint roller or ordinary paint brush depending on the surface material and structure. The surface to be painted must be dry, the relative air humidity below 80 % and the temperature at least +10°C. The painted surface is tack-free in approx. 30 minutes and can an be painted over after 2 hours.

Stir well before use and during painting. Reserve enough paint for a large surface in order to avoid potential colour variations in different batches. Do a test painting to ensure that the colour is correct. Please note that the correct color of the paint is visible after the surface is dry. Always paint with plenty of paint, as painting with a too dry paint roller or a paint brush can cause uneven texture and gloss. Take care of the painting environment and protect untreated surfaces with adhesive tape, paper, cardboard or protective film. If you paint decorative patterns or surfaces that use masking tape, we recommend a longer drying time before taping the painted surface and  new painting.

Unpainted surface: Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Wash following the instructions. Allow to dry thoroughly before painting. Level all cracks and holes in the surface with putty if necessary. Prime new surfaces with iNTO Primer. Apply two coats of iNTO Interior Paint. Thin with water if necessary.

Old painted surface: Remove peeling and flaking old paint. Sand a glossy or hard surface with a sandpaper. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Wash following the instructions. Allow to dry thoroughly before painting. Level all cracks and holes in the surface with putty if necessary. Remove sanding dust and clean the surface before painting. Apply one or two coats of iNTO Interior Paint. Thin with water if necessary.

Gloss grade – Into Interior Paint matt and Into Interior Paint semi-matt. 
Belong to the best emission class M1 in building materials.
Does not contain any VOC.
Washability class SFS 3755: iNTO matt over 2000 brushes, iNTO semi-matt over 5000 brushes.
Coverage approx 7 m2/L depending on the coarseness and porosity of the surface.
Thinner: Water
Cleaning of equipment: Clean the equipment with soap and water right after you have finished painting.
Container sizes: 0.9 L, 2.7 L and 9 L.
Storage and disposal: Keep in a cool and dry place. DO NOT ALLOW TO FREEZE! Dry and empty containers can be taken to a refuse dump. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.
Be careful with all painted surfaces during the first month. Clean the surface only with soft rags and sponges that do not scratch the surface.
Use only neutral washing agents. Rinse the surfaces carefully.

Watch video for instructions.



0,9 L, 2,7 L, 9 L


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