Uula Mould Wash

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An alkaline detergent for microbial growth on exterior walls and other surfaces.

Uula Mould Wash is an exterior use alkaline washing agent that eliminates microbial outbreaks of mould, algae and fungal growth. Suitable for maintenance cleaning of all types of naturally soiled surfaces, and for preparatory cleaning prior to painting. Intended Use: Suitable for all exterior surfaces such as painted walls, plastic and wooden outdoor furniture, gutters etc.


Dilute with water according to the dosage instructions on the container. Apply with a sponge, cloth, brush, or low-pressure spray.
Very dirty and grimy surfaces may need scrubbing with a brush.
Leave for approximately 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
Allow the surface to dry thoroughly before painting.
The cleaned surface can be treated with all types of paint and wood preservative.

Dosage in water::

Slightly dirty surfaces: 1:2

Extremely dirty surfaces: 1:1

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1 L, 5 L