Hemp-jute insulation wool Thermo Hemp Combi Jute

Thicknesses 50 & 100 mm are usually available immediately in our Tallinn warehouse. Please write us to check availability or for custom orders.

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THERMO HEMP® COMBI JUTE insulation mats combine the highest quality fibres from annual, renewable raw materials with optimum green fire protection. By adding recycled support fibres, THERMO HEMP® COMBI JUTE becomes a versatile building material that goes beyond the required European standards. High-quality hemp fibres from Germany, grown in a resource-friendly way, are processed using state-of-the-art technology. Jute fibres from upcycled cocoa and coffee bags and stabilising support fibres from recycled PET fibres are added. Good heat and sound insulation. Hygroscopic. Maintaining balanced humidity is one of the key elements of a healthy indoor climate. Does not cause moisture traps inside the construction. Capillary of hemp wool helps to disperse moisture during winter months. Hempwool has a good thermal capacity - it provides protection from heat during increasingly hot summer months. Therefore hempwool is an investment for the healty and safe living environment . Utilization does not cause environmental issues. Hemp insulation is reusabe and recyclable material.

Application: insulation for roofs, walls and floors


  • Very good insulating properties due to low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent heat protection in summer
  • Good soundproofing properties
  • Safe to work with, can be processed and installed without the need for protective clothing or masks
  • No mould growth, does not contain nutrients for rodents or insects

Advantages of hemp insulation

Declared thermal conductivity λ10 - 0,037 W/(m•K)
Dimensions: 1200 mm x 580 mm
0.039 W/mK
Specific thermal capacity c: 2300 J/kg K
Contains: 58% hemp fibre, 29% jute fibre, 9% polymer fibre (PET-based), 4% soda
Density: 37 Kg/m³

Hemp insulation board

Hemp fibre insulation board

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