In Eco Clay Paint


Clay Paint is natural matte paint for indoor use.
It is easy to apply and can be repeatedly painted over. Clay paint does not contain any artificial preservatives, solvents or biocides.
Available in both smooth and structural variants.

Intended Places of Use: mainly walls & ceilings in dry indoor rooms. Perfect for plastered surfaces and drywall. Clay paint is not a good option for bathrooms.
Coverage: 3 - 7 m²/l for one layer. Usually 1-2 layers are painted.
Color: White + 14 base colors. It is possible to mix with all pigments (maximum 10%, mix pigment with small amount of water first).

How to use Clay Paint: Mix together dry contents with the amount of water noted on the bag (if using pigment this can be mixed first with the main dry content or mixed separately with small amount of water and added later to liquid paint). Mix well and let it sit for 1h. Mix again and the Clay Paint is ready to use!
Paint with a large soft brush or roller.
Ensure that the room is well ventilated during the drying process.

Disposal of Leftovers: Do not pour down the drain. Dried leftovers can be composted or thrown out with regular household waste.

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1 L, 10 L, 5 L


Grey, Ivory, Light Gray, Natural White, Old Blue, Terracotta, White, Yellow Ochre