Clay Paint IN ECO


IN ECO is a traditional natural clay plaint made in Estonia.
It does not contain solvents or biocides.

Areas of application:Walls and ceilings in dry indoors. Suitable for plastered surfaces and drywall. Clay paint is not suitable for wet rooms.
Properties: Fine structure, matte. Easy to apply, provides a good coverage, suitable for painting over many times.
3-7 m²/l per litre depending on surface. Usuallt 2-3 layes are applied.
INGREDIENTS:All natural ingredients, mostly white clay and limestone powder.
CLEANING OF EQUIPMENT:Warm water and soap.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Produced in Estonia


  • Substrate must be clean and dust-free. Prime first with cellulose primer.
  • Prepare tools: Respirator, bucket, brush/paint roller, tape, drill ond whisk for mixing.
  • Mixing: Measure the right amount of water into a separate container, then poru half of it into a mixing bucket. Pour slowly all the clay paint powder into bucket while constantly mixing. Ensure that there are no lumps left in the paint. Add the remaining of water. Mix well.
    1 litre of paint needs 0,69 litres of water
    5 litre of paint needs 3,45 litres of water
    10 litre of paint needs 6,9 litres of water
  • Leave for 1h:Let the paint "brew" for 1h and then mix again.
  • Paint the first layer.
  • Let dry:First layer needs to dry at least 24h. Ensure a good ventilation during the drying process. Paint becomes considerably lighter and becomes opaque.
  • Paint the second layer.

Use the mixed paint up during three days, store in a cool place (+7°C).


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1 L, 10 L, 5 L


Grey, Ivory, Light Gray, Natural White, Old Blue, Pearl, Sand, Terra, Terracotta, White, Yellow Ochre