NHL Lime Plaster


Tarneaeg täpsustamisel

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Hydraulic lime plaster is suitable for use on various substrates, the properties and moisture regime of which require a mixture with hydraulic properties (eg stone foundation, plinths). UKU hydraulic lime plaster mixtures are 100% natural and created inspired by old traditions. UKU NHL plaster is suitable for use on various substrates whose characteristics and moisture regime require a mixture with hydraulic properties.

The plaster system consists of three different layers - an adhesive layer, a filling layer and a finishing layer. Each layer is a separate product and can be used separately, for different purposes. NHL mixtures can be used for plastering both by spray and manual techniques. It requires less aftercare than regular air lime mixes. Lime plasters carbonize (strengthen) through the reabsorption of carbon dioxide from the air, and their drying and absorption process is inherently slower than that of gypsum plasters, etc., therefore the process of lime carbonization should not be rushed, allowing 3-5 days for carbonization per layer, depending on the layer of the system used.

Suitable substrates:
Wood (covered with reed mat or other netting)
Natural stone (laying or plastering)
Stone (brick, structural concrete)
Blocks (Bauroc, Fibo, Columbia)
Plasters (clay plaster, lime plaster, mineral plasters)
Straw (straw walls)
Reed (thin reed mat, reed panel)

Color: light gray
Grain size: 0–4mm
Maximum layer thickness: 10mm
Consumption: 17kg / m² (10mm layer)
Packaging: 25 Kg