Gelomat Matting Agent

Gelomat is a thixotropic additive for Le Tonkinois Linseed Oil Varnish to reduce the gloss of the final finish. Any level of gloss can be achieved depending on the ratio of Gelomat to varnish. Always do tests to ensure the desired result.

Matte - 1 part Gelomat : 1 part varnish
Silky matte - 1 part Gelomat : 2 parts varnish
Semi gloss - 1 part Gelomat : 3 parts varnish

Mix vell befure use.

R 10 flammable. R 65 Hazardous: may damage lungs if swallowed
R 66 Repeated contact can cause skin dryness and cracking
S 2 Keep out of reach from children! S 23 Avoid inhaling of fumes.
S 62 Immedeately seek medical help if swallowed.

Producer> Joubert, 94200 Ivry-Sur-Seine, France

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1 L, 250 ml, 500 ml