Shellac Flakes, Lemon

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Shellac is a natural varnish made from resinous secretion of the lac insect.
Shellac varnish gives a smooth finish and a high polish. Ideal for furniture and also for covering wood knots to stop resins coming through the paint layers. Shellak also protects wood from UV radiation.

Put shellac flakes into a glass jar and pour over denatured alcohol. Mix well. Close the jar Properly. Flakes will dissolve in about 12 hours. Mix from time to time.
Shellac varnish solution will be usable for a long time if kept in airtight container. Wash tools with denatured alcohol.

1L denatured alcohol / 100g shellac flakes

Varnish for knots:
Knots on wood should be treated with shellac to prevent resin penetrating through the paint. Knots might appear after first layer of paint but even finish will appear after secont coat. Apply only on knots with a small brush.
1 L denatured alcohol / 300 g shellac flakes

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