Allbäck Linseed Oil Wax, Coloured

Linseed Oil Wax is suitable for treating all absorbent surfaces like wood, conrete, stone, matt painted surfaces etc indoors. Colur Wax is available as eight ready made colors. All colors can be mixed with each other.

Linseed Oil Wax is made of linseed oil and beeswax.
It gives a silky matt water reppellent finish. Clean waxed surfaces with weak linseed oil soap solution.

Coverage: 1 L of linseed oil wax is enough for 40m2

Directions for waxing wooden floors:
Wash the surface with linseed oil soap.
Let dry.
Sand with fine grit sandpaper if necessary (180)
Apply wax with a sponge following the direction of wood grain, few boards at a time.
Let absorb for 15-20 minutes.
Wipe off exess wax with a clean rag.
It is ok to walk on the waxed surface during the process, footsteps can be wiped off with a rag.
Too thick layer leaves sticky and uneven finish and drying time is very long. Polish with a cloth or soft brush after fully dryed.

Using Linseed Oil Wax
Colored Linseed Oil Wax on untreated wood.

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1 L, 2 dl


Black, Brown, Grey, Mahagony, Mole, Oak, Red, White