Oil Stain

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Le Tonkinois Oil Stain gives wood deep color and water repellant finish.
Resistant to wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juice, milk and water. No formation of water stains.

Areas of use: First and also as final treatment of wooden surfaces. Suitable for all wooden surfaces i ndoor and outdoors. To improve UV protection and weather resistance outdoors, as well as seawater resistance or resilience and increase the wear limit, the oil stain can be combined with the LeTonkinois Vernis, LeTonkinois Marine No.1, as a final coating according to the use and stress.
Storage: Properly closed, in dark and cool place. Do not freeze!
Shelf life: Unopened original container shelf life of at least 5 years
Colors: Teak, Mahagony, Light Oak, Dark, Oak, Black
Consumption:12-16m2/L per coat, depending on the furface.
Drying time: 6-8h at 20ºC and normal humidity. It is recommended to wait 12h. Low temperatures, high humidity and low air exchange delay drying and promote odor formation. During processing, pay attention to good ventilation. Initially, only carefully load surfaces.
Cleaning of tools: Immediately after use with solvent.
Bottle size: 250ml


Surface: Untreated wood, wood-based materials, cork Rough surfaces must be sanded first. The wood surface must be dust- and grease-free, clean, dry and frost-free (max. 15 % wood moisture)
Application: Do not dilute. Stir well. Apply evenly with a soft brush. After a short exposure time, spread excess with the brush again and remove it in the grain direction and dab the brush repeatedly in the lint-free cloth.
Especially with cork, care must be taken to ensure uniform processing.
Number of coats: 1-3. Alvays make a test before.
Waste disposal: Dispose of product residues and packaging in accordance with local government regulations. Only empty cans are recycled.
Safety: Keep out of reach from children. Safety-relevant information can be found in the corresponding safety data sheet.

This information is provided to the best of our knowledge. Producer has tested the product and ensures quality but does not guarantee it's suitabilty for your specific conditions. A test has to be made each case before starging the work.

Producer: Palm Norge GmbH

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Black, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Mahagony, Teak


250 ml