Moss Remover Clean Roof

Removes and prevents the growth of moss, seaweed and mold. Suitable for roofs and facades of all kinds of materials.
Why fight with moss: Moss on the roof shortens the lifetime of the roof. Moss gathers moisture and freezing during the winter may cause cracking. With only mechanical removal moss will grow back fast.
Coverage: 1 part concentrate + 2 parts water 1L/ 5-8 m2.
Ingerdients: ammonia compounds 5%, 5-15% tensides, complex solution.
Areas of use: Roofs, facades, stairs, foundations, tiles, monuments, fences etc Not sfuitable for using in lawn., harmful to plantlife.
Instructions: Prepare the concentrate 1:2 Use during warm and dry weather.
Apply with a brush or spray. Suface must not get wet for at least 6 hours after treatment. Avoid contact with soil. Product will start to have an affect after 4-5 hours. Not necessary to wash off. Ensures protection for years. Places with heavy moss growth may need second treatment round. It is recommended to repeat treatment after every 3-4 years.

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1 L, 5 L