Iron Sulphate

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Iron sulphate is used for treating wood outdoors, as anti-mould agent in Swedish Paint and for tinting lime paint.
Iron sulphate gives wood a nice grey color/aged look and protects it against mould and rot.

For aging wood:
Mix 1 Kg iron sulphate power with 5L of water (600C) and apply with a brush. Final color appears after 2-3 months. Sun and humidity speed up the process. The qualty of wood also plays role in final outcome. Always make a test before. If the desired color has bee achieved the ageing process should be stopped by applying light tar-oil or turpentine linseed oil.
Tinting lime paint:
Tinting lime paint with a iron sulphate is actually a chemical process where synthetic ochre is produced. Iron sulphate settles, iron hydroxide and gypsum is formed. Gypsum remains in lime where it formes a substrate for the paint. Procedure: Mix 1 Kg Iron sulphate with 5 L of warm water (600C). Then add same amount of limewater. Paint as usual. The color will change over time.

Coverage: sawn timber 4-5 m2/l or 24-30 m2/kg, planed timber 8-10 m2/l or 48-60 m2/kg
Drying time: about 3h

Protect eyes! Use suitable protective equipment. Wash hands immediately after working with iron sulphate.
Product must not get into soul, sewer or body of water. Very dangerous to water organisms.

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