B3 Wood Glue

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Moisture proof single component water based wood glue for indoors and outdoors work.

Glue is white but becomes translucent when dry.
High initial bond.
Elastic waterproof joint.
Good for furniture work.
Fully dryed joint tolerates temperatures -30°C to +80°C.
D3 moisture proof class (EN 204).

Areas of application: for all wooden objects, indoors and outdoors.
Materials: Furniture, parquet, wooden objects. Not suitable for surfaces that are in constant contact with water.


Surface must be clean and dry. Sand glossy surfaces. Working temperature should be +15...+20°C relative air humidity 50...70%. Material moisture content should be 7...12%.
Mix well. Apply as thin layer on one surface with brush, roll or spatula. On soft woods put more glue that hardwoods. When glueing very absorbent surfaces apply glue to both surfaces. Press surfaces together not later than 6 minutes and leave under pressure to 20 minutes. Uneven surfaces need more pressure time. Wipe off surplus glue immediately.

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330 ml, 750 ml