Majatohtr’s Casein Primer

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Casein based colorless translucent primer for treating various surfaces prior to painting or plastering in dry indoor areas. Reduces paint consumption and ensures even adhesion. It is also suitable as a fixing layer for plasters.
Color pigments can be added to Casein Primer up to 10%.
Suitable base surfaces are for example untreated clay, lime, gypsium and cement plasters, paper, wood, concrete, drywall.

Ingredients: casein, borax, soda, silica
Drying time: ~ 8h
Coverage: 100g ~ 15-20 m2. Exact coverage must be determined on the site.
Mixing: Add 500 ml of clean water to 100g of dry Casein Primer powder. Stir well and leave for 30 minutes. Then add more 2,2L of water while constantly stirring.
Priming: Surface must be untreated, cleaned from dust, grease and dry. Casein Primer should be applied with a soft brush moving from bottom to top. All loose particles must be removed completely. Flaking layers must be peeled off. Also remove all remains of glue or wax. Non adhesing surfaces must be treated with sandpaber or removed if necessary. It is advised to apply full skim coat on drywall. Always test the material before work. Remove exess primer with a brush or cloth before drying. Temperature must be at least 8°C Liquid primer should be used on the same day. It can be stored in the fridge for few days. Dont use if it smells bad!
Cleaning of tools: Immediatley after the use with warm water and soap.
Waste disposal: Do not pour into drain. Dried remains can be composted or disposed as general waste.
Safety: Keep out of reach from children! Do not swallow! Product contains small particles, use suitable protective equipment. In case of contanct with eyes, wash immediately with water. See doctor if necessary. R46, R22, R34, R52/53, S53, S26, S36/37/39, S45

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