Uula Glazing Oil

Traditional glazing oil paint made of boiled linseed oils and natural resins.
Uula Glazing Oil leaves the grains of the wood visible and gives a surface that protects from moisture and dirt in both dry and damp conditions.

For old and new untreated wood surfaces and old wood surfaces that have been treated with wood treatments that do not form a hard coating, e.g. ceilings, doors, floors, window frames, furniture and wall panels in interiors and in exteriors under cover. Suitable also as a binder for glazing, graining and decorative colours.
If you wish to flatten the gloss grade, Uula Glazing Oil can be applied on top of varnish or linseed oil paint.

Coverage: Planed timber 12–15 m2/L, rough sawn timber 8–10 m2/L.

Contains: VOC max. 400 g/L.


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0,9 L, 2,7 L, 9 L


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