Uula Linseed Oil Paint

The genuine Uula Linseed Oil Paint is made the traditional way with pressed and boiled linseed oil and colour pigments It is a plastic-free, breathable and ecological paint for new and previously painted exterior wooden surfaces. As well as untreated wood, it is suited to surfaces previously painted with oil, alkyd or even plastic based paints.

Areas of use: all exteriour and interiour wooden surfaces (walls, doors, window frames and outdoor furniture). Also suitable for metal surfaces.
Coverage: Planed surfaces 10-15 m2/l. Rough sawn surfaces 8-12 m2/ l per coat.
Drying time: Touch dry in 2-3 days depending on the conditions. Allow for a minimum of 4 days drying time before a second coat.
Thinner: Uula Oil Paint Thinner
Colours: Colours may be chosen from the Uula Traditional Colour Chart. The paint is tinted with Uula tinting pastes made of genuine earth pigments. Other colours are available by order.
VOC emissions: Less than 80g/l. (EU VOC limit set 2010: 300g/l)
Storage & disposal: Keep in a cool and dry place. Dry and empty containers can be taken to a refuse dump. Liquid waste must be taken to a municipal hazardous waste collection point.


The paint must always be stirred well before and during use. Reserve enough paint for large surfaces to avoid potential tonal variation in different batches. Test the paint on a separate piece of wood and wait for the paint to dry for true colour. The paint must be applied thinly applying some pressure. The surface must be dry and the moisture content of the wood below 15%. The relative air humidity should be below 80% and the air temperature at least +10°C. Avoid painting during rain or in direct sunlight. Best is warm dry cloudy weather. Apply using a relatively stiff, high-quality paint brush or levelling paint brush.

Remove peeling and flaky old paint with a wire brush and scraper. Remove old paint as thoroughly as possible. Old, thick paint layers can be removed efficiently using Uula Paint Remover. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Washing Agent and mouldy ones with Uula Mould Cleaning Agent. If painting is postponed to the following summer, protect the surface with Uula Anti-Mould Agent. Prime knots with shellac.

Prevously painted wooden surfaces: Prime bare wooden surfaces with Uula Exteriour Primer and treat whole surface with Uula Anti-Mold agent. Prime metal surfaces with suitable metal primer.
Untreated wooden surfaces outdoors: Prime with Uula Exteriour Primer and treat with Uula Anti-Mold agent. New, industrially primed wood surfaces do not need priming with Uula Exterior Primer or treating with Uula Anti-Mould Agent. If the surface is new planed timber, sand the surface rough to ensure adhesion or alternatively, protect the surface with Uula Anti-Mould Agent and let the wood age for 1-2 years before painting.

Paint the primed exterior surfaces with Uula Linseed Oil Paint thinned 10–15% with Uula Oil Paint Thinner. Paint a thin layer in pressured strokes following the grain of the wood. If applied too thick, the paint may wrinkle as it dries. Allow to dry for at least 4 days before applying the second coat. Before painting the second coat, make sure the paint has dried properly. Brush off any dust and dirt. If necessary, thin the paint 10% maximum (e.g. in cool conditions). Warming the paint slightly prior to painting helps apply it thinly.
Prime exterior metal surfaces with anti-rust paint, otherwise follow the instructions above.

Linseed oil paint will dry much slower than alcyd and plastic paints - it is normal. Always make sure that the first coat has dryed completely before applying the second layer.
The paint must be applied thinly applying some pressure. Too thick a coat may wrinkle and dry wery slowly.
Mix together same color paint from different canisters to avoid tonal variations. Also paint open ends of timber carefully to avoid cracking and splitting of boards


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