Uula Nordic Paint

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Uula Nordic Paint is a traditional, natural paint for the exteriors of houses and outbuildings. Nordic Paint h as a long history dating back to 16th century. The matt coating ages gracefully and does not peel off. Ita also allows the wood to breathe, keeping the wood structure healthy.
Flour size and some added boiled linseed oil work as the binder. Uula Nordic Paint is made using only traditional and genuine pigments. Environmentally friendly, easy to apply, covers with one layer. Does not form waterproof membrane.

Application: Uula Nordic Paint is designed for new and old exterior log and sawn timber surfaces It can also be used for planed timber as long as the planed surface has been sanded rough or allowed to age a couple of years before painting to ensure adhesion. Not suitable for surfaces that have previously been treated with primers, oil-, latex- etc. paints.
Gloss grade: Matt
Coverage: 3–5 m2/L
Thinner: Uula Nordic Paint does not generally require thinning. Uula Nordic Paint can also be thinned with Anti-Mould Agent 5-10 %.
Tools: By ordinary paint brush, levelling paint brush or high pressure paint spray.
Application & conditions: Dry but cloudy weather is the best for painting. The relative air humidity must be below 95% and the temperature above 0°C. Dry cloudy weather is the best. Avoid painting in direct sunshine or in rain.
Drying time: At 20°C and <80 % relative humidity: tack free in 1–2 hours. (+ 20ºC, relative humidity 50%)



Brush off dust and dirt. Remove old falking paint. If painting over different color the old paint must be removed completely. Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Washing Agent and mouldy ones with Uula Mould Cleaning Agent. Allow to dry thoroughly.
The paint must always be stirred well before and during use. Apply only one thick coat of Uula Nordic Paint. If for some reason second coat is necessary it should be thinned with Uula Anty Mould Agent. If you apply two un-thinned layers of paint, the paint might peel off.
If painting boards before installing prime them with Uula Nordic Paint mixed with Uula Anti Mold Agent in equal parts.
All details like window and door frames, skirting boards etc. should be painted with linseed oil paint because different colors of Nordic Paint might stain eachother during rainfall.



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