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Lime stucco is a glossy finishing plaster that can be used to create an almost mirror-like smooth surface. By mixing with pigments, it is possible to create an endless selection of different shades. Lime stucco is mainly used for finishing lime plasters and other mineral plasters indoors, including in damp rooms such as bathrooms or showers.
Lime stucco is a splash-proof and water-repellent 100% natural lime-based finish, suitable for allergy sufferers and is free of harmful volatile organic compounds. It is inspired by the Venetian stucco-lustro technique. Stucco is very easy to maintain and has a lifespan of hundreds of years.

Suitable substrates:
Gypsum board (Knauf, Fermacell) plastered.
Plasters (lime plaster, mineral plasters)

Color: white. Can be tinted with pigments
Grain size: 0–0,2mm
Consumption: 0,4-0,6kg/m²

The substrate must be dry, absorbent, and free of dust, paints, and lubricants (oils, greases, etc.). All surface irregularities/bumps appear darker during surface finishing, so the final finish’s uniform tonality depends on the substrate.


The temperature of the substrate and the ambient air should be higher than 5 ° C. Lime is carbonized under the influence of humidity, therefore over-drying of the surface (danger of cracks) must be avoided. We recommend moistening the substrate just before installation.

To 1kg of dry mixture add 0,8-1l of pure water and mix thoroughly until smooth. Add ¾ water at the beginning and mix until smooth (make sure there are no lumps) and then gradually add the rest of the water. It is best to prepare the mixture the day before plastering, with a minimum of 1 hour before use. Also mix from time to time during use. Clean remains from the bucket walls before leaving mixture to sit.
When tinting marmorino with pigment, first read the pigment user manual.

Installation layer I
Apply the first layer as evenly as possible, observing the pattern in the different directions. The first layer is not polished. Use trowel to pull off any excess mixture above the rest of the surface. Even out. Leave to stand for at least a couple of hours. For more even surface 180-240 grit sandpaper can be used.

Installation layer II
After the visible drying (and brightening) of the first layer, the next layer(s) can be applied. Follow the direction of application and pattern. Try to achieve as uniform layer thickness as possible. Keep the trowel clean and do not let the material roll between layers. If the surface is completely covered, it should be leveled with plastic float before polishing. Apply material in 1-3 layers as needed (depending on the substrate). The finished surface is polished (with different direction movements) with the trowel until you get a deep tone on your wall and the natural shine.

After installing and smoothing the last layer of stucco, a liquid soap with a soft wide brush is applied onto the drying surface to create a splash-proof layer (before 24 hours) Make sure that the brush does not pull the pattern apart (a sign that it is too early to apply soap). Soap can also be added during mixing to achieve an even better water repellent result. (100ml 1/6 white soap diluted with water or 100ml 1/10 diluted black soap per kg dry mix). For finishing, we recommend waxing the surface (carnauba wax that is easy to handle). To achieve high gloss, the surface should be completely polished after waxing. The difference between waxing and applying soap should be 4-7 days.

With natural detergents (olive oil soap) and as needed, the wax layer should be renewed from time to time as a follow- up. Be sure not to use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents.

Mixing with water: 1 kg dry stucco / 0,75-0,85l of water

Lime is corrosive. Avoid inhalation of dust, skin contact, and eye contact. Respirator, goggles, and protective clothing are recommended. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with physiological saline. Cover glass, metal, and lacquered surfaces, and other lime-sensitive surfaces for splashes before installation. Keep out of the reach of children.

Store in a dry place. Shelf life one year from date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is located on the packaging. There may be small differences in color between batches.

The product description lists the possible uses of the material and gives recommendations for working. The manufacturer has tested the material and ensures its quality, but cannot
guarantee that it is used in the proper manner. Hence, the user is not released from liability. The particular conditions and surfaces need to be taken into account for each object.

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