Majatohtr’s Casein Paint

Casin paint is traditional, ecological, breathable glue-based paint, that is suitable for indoor walls and ceilings. The result is a velvety matte surface that feels nice to the touch & easy to repaint. Paints based on traditions give interiour a truly authentic feel. PETROLEUM FREE, COMPOSTABLE

  • Ingredients: chalk, china clay, micca, talcum, casein, dolomite powder, methyl cellulose, soda ash, silica.
  • Areas of Application: Interour walls and ceilings. Mineral surfaces, wood, various panels, wallpaper, cardboard.
  • Coverage: 3-4 m²/L (absorbent surface), 6-8 m²/L (less absorbent surface) per one coat.
  • Drying time: Tack dry 30 minutes, can be painted over after 8 hours.
  • Color: White. Tintable with all pigments.


Preparations: Surfaces must be clean from dust, greace etc. It is cecommended to prime surfaces with a casein primer.

Mixing: Pour dry powder into water, constantly mixing. Water amount:

1L of paint - 0,64L of water
5L of paint - 3,2L of water
10L of paint - 6,4L of water

Mix well about 5 min. Leave for 40 min. Mix again for approx. 10 min. Mixing can be done with a whisk attatched to a electric drill. Small quantities can be mixed also by hand. Make sure that there are no lumps left in the paint. Drain through a sieve if necessary.

Tinting: Paint can be tinted with all pigments. Pigment must first be mixed into a paste with small amount of water, then add a bit of ready made casein paint, mix again and finally mix together pigment paste and rest of paint.
If you chose color from our colur chart, then use all the pigment from the small bag.

Painting: Use a large flat brush or roller. Can be spray painted. Paint with big, fast strokes, one wall at a time. Dont stop in the middle of the wall - paint dries fast and a line might be visible afterwards. Two coats are usually painted. Fresh paint can seem a bit translucent but it will become opaque when dry.

Cleaning of equipment: Wash tools with soap and water. Paint leftovers can be composted.

Care and maintenence: It is possible to cleand painted surfaces carefully with a damp cloth. Casein paint is not washable.

Safety: When used correctly, casein paint is a safe product. Keep out of reach from children. Do not swallow! Paint powder consists of small particles, it is advisable to wear a mask during the mixing process. In case of contanct with eyes, wash immediately with water.


The beauty and nuances of Casein Paint can be seen on the walls of a renovated Padise Manor House.


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