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Casein Paint

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Casein Paint is a traditional, ecological, glue-based paint for dry indoors – walls & ceilings foremost. It leaves beautiful silky matte surface that is easy to repaint. It is user friendly & economical solution for surfaces that don’t need regular washing with water.

Ingredients: chalk, china clay, mica, talc, dolomite powder, cellulose, casein, soda, silicon.
Coverage: 3-4 m²/L (surfaces that absorb a lot), 6-8 m²/L (on less absorbent surfaces).
Color: Casein paint has natural white color. It can be tinted with color pigments (max 10%).
For darker colors use Majatohter’s Accent Paint.
Drying time: ~8h

Instructions: Prime surfaces with Casein Primer. Casein Paint can applied with large soft brush or roller. Paint with quick large strokes and take one wall at a time (don’t stop in the middle). Usually two layers is sufficient to give full coverage. Paint thin layers and in downwards direction.
Surfaces painted with Casein Paint can be cleaned delicately with a damp sponge.
Casein Paint is not washable (for washable surface use Allbäck Linus or Uula Into tempera paints).

Shelf life: Mixed paint should be used in in two days. Store in cool place. Dry powder is usable approximately three years.
SAFETY: Casein paint is harmless product if used correctly. Keep away from children and animals. Use dust mask when mixing paint. In case of eye contact rinse with water.
Dried paint leftovers can be composted or disposed with regular household waste.



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