Uula Roslag Mahogany

Roslag Mahogany is a wood treatment product made with boiled linseed oil and tar for a durable translucent finish on exterior log and other wooden surfaces. Uula Roslag Mahogany is an excellent wood treatment product for a durable translucent finish on exterior log and other wooden surfaces. The breathable and plastic-free product leaves the grain of the wood visible. Made with boiled linseed oil and pit-burned tar, it protects the wood naturally. Uula Roslag Mahogany is designed for old and new untreated exterior wood surfaces and treated wood surfaces impregnated with agents that do not form a membrane or hard coating that might prevent the penetration of the product. Suited to log walls, cladding, wooden boats and jetties.

Wash dirty surfaces with Uula Paint Washing Agent and mouldy ones with Uula Mould Cleaning Agent. Remove peeling and flaking old wood preservative with wire brush and scraper.
Roslag Mahogany is to be applied twice. The second treatment either immediately before the previous coat has dried or after 1–2 years.
NB! Reserve enough paint for a large surface in order to avoid potential colour variations in different batches. Due to colour differences in Tar the colour might have small variations in colour in different batches. The paint must always be stirred well before and during use. Paint also the cross-sectional surfaces of the timber carefully. Maintenance painting should be done with the original or darker shade.*Do not paint in rain, direct sunlight or on sun heated surfaces. In maintenance painting tinting base (RM 222) can be mixed with tinted Roslag mahogany by 1:1 to reduce the opacity of the colour. If there is mould and dirt in the surface, the surface should be washed.

Intended use: Old and new untreated wood surfaces and old exterior wood surfaces impregnated with agents that do not form a hard coating (also old pressure impregnated surfaces), e.g. log or board walls, wood boats and jetties.

Coverage: Planed timber 8–10 m2/L, rough sawn timber 6–8 m2/L.
Thinner: The product does not need to be thinned, Uula Oil Paint Thinner can be used if necessary.
Tools: Brush
Conditions: The surface to be painted must be dry and the moisture content of the wood below 15 %. The relative air humidity must be below 80 % and the temperature at least +5°C.

Drying time: In sunlight the surface can dry even in 24 hours. On shadowy surfaces drying time up to 3–4 weeks. (To be considered particularly in garden furniture, jetties etc). Withstands normal rain a couple of hours after painting. Dense and new planed surface increase drying and absorption time significantly.
Technical qualities: Density approx. 0.95kg/L. Gloss grade: Semi-matt. VOC emissions: under 350g/l EU VOC -limit value: (cat A/f) 700g/L (2010).



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