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Fish Glue


Tootekood: 63550150 Kategooria: Silt:

Fish glue is a natural product which is obtained by cooking fish skin, followed by evaporation. Fish glue is a highly viscous liquid at room temperature. If further thickens when cooled down, by minus degrees it reaches a rubber-like consistency. Fish glue can be made liquid again by heating without any loss of quality.

Application Methods

Surface may be coated by roller coat, knife coat or brush coat.


  •  As an additive to adhesive formulations in the manufacture of remoistenable gummed paper packaging tapes.
  • Wood gluing when long open times are needed for assembly operations.
  • Paper bonding of heavy grade box board in packaging.
  • Bonding of manila paper for identification tag manufacturing.
  • As a water based leather finish.
  • Any application where it is desirable to supply an adhesive coated surface which is to be re-activated much later by simple water remoistening.


  • High initial tack when first coated or when remoistening the dry adhesive film.
  • Slow setting for wood bonding applications when open times are desirable.
  • Good solvent resistance.
  • Excellent heat resistance.
  • Easily thinned and cleaned up with water.