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Thermo Hemp Combi Jute

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Thermo Hemp Combi Jute is a natural flexible insulation material made from a mixture of upcycled natural jute fibres and carbon negative hemp. Manufactured using discarded cocoa and coffee bean bags, processed using 100% renewable energy, and hemp which is renowned for its ecological credentials, Thermo Hemp Combi Jute uses the best properties of each material to create a unique high-performance insulation product. Ideal for both new builds and renovations (retrofit), Thermo Hemp Combi Jute natural flexible insulation is totally safe to handle and requires no special equipment or extra precautions to use.


  • Building authority approved insulation
  • Made from upcycled jute bags and carbon negative hemp fibres
  • Provides high-performance thermal insulation (very low thermal conductivity)
  • Excellent heat protection in summer due to high heat storage capacity
  • Very good soundproofing properties
  • Humidity regulating due to high moisture absorption capacity
  • Contains no nutrients for rodents and insects
  • Very high resistance to mould growth
  • Fire resistant


  • Reduces energy consumption and therefore heating bills
  • Robust and durable; designed to last the lifetime of the building, and totally recyclable
  • Dampens sound from outside to create calmer, quieter, more private space
  • Natural insulation and totally safe, contributing to a healthy climate within the building
  • Easy to install, with no need for specialist equipment or PPE
  • Allows moisture to evaporate, reducing the risk of condensation and improving indoor air quality.

Length: 1.2 m
Width: 580 mm
Thermal conductivity: 0.039 W/mK
Specific heat capacity: 2300 J/kg K
Breathable (vapour open): Yes
Materials: 62.5% Hemp fibres, 21.75% Jute fibres, 9% polymer binding fibre (PET-based), 4% soda (fire retardant)
Moisture vapour diffusion resistance factor (μ): 1 . to 2 .
Made from: Carbon negative Hemp, Recycled coffee and cocoa bean sacks
For use on: Ceilings, Loft / roof spaces, Roofs, Suspended timber floors, Walls (timber frame)
Density: 37 Kg/m³
Fire classification: E
Pest proofing: Insect / beetle resistant, Moth resistant, Rodent resistant


Mõõtmed -

100 mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 200mm, 40mm, 50 mm, 60mm, 80mm, 180mm, 220mm, 30mm


100 mm, 50 mm